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posted Aug 25, 2013, 6:20 PM by J. Gareth Williams   [ updated Aug 25, 2013, 6:23 PM ]
It's coming up on a full year since I last published a new version of Acacia, so I thought it time to provide an update to the handful of you out there listening.  

Development has slowed down significantly on Acacia.  While I have a handful of very cool but only partially-implemented features in progress, the unfortunate truth is that developing Acacia has become more of a chore than a labour of love.  There are a few reasons for that.

When I first started developing Acacia, the target platform was Android 1.5 - that's really, really old now.  I had to jump through awkward hoops to overcome limitations (and outright bugs) in the API, and the result was a pretty ugly code base.  That I had never programmed in Java, let alone for a mobile platform, did not help.

Acacia was originally conceived as an app for smartphones.  My development device was an HTC Magic (which looks tiny compared to my Galaxy Nexus!).  Android tablets weren't really on the horizon yet, and so the whole workflow was designed around having very limited real estate.  Users complain about the weird, awkward, ugly interface, and they're right - it just wasn't designed for the way people want to use it today.  Today, tablets are everywhere, and quite frankly, probably make more sense as a device for Acacia than a phone.  

The upshot is that the whole thing needs to be re-written from the ground up, ideally in a way that could make it portable to iOS, and that's just not likely to happen.  Our second-born child is just a few days older than Acacia 0.8.5, so free time is a precious commodity.  I can picture completing the new features eventually, but doing Acacia the justice I think it deserves doesn't seem to be in the cards.

If you're an avid user and you'd like to see further development, drop me a line.  We'll see what we can do.